TxBone (JPN), musician, Tokyo

Musician TxBone was blown away by the music of Rancid when he listened to it
at a record store at the age of 6 (!). He had never heard anything like it.


“A live-changing experience,” he says. Growing up in a musical environment, made him the musician he is now. “I sing in several bands (Dust (http://ameblo.jp/dust4life/), Kaiki Gesshoku (http://ameblo.jp/kaikigesshoku-news/)) and play guitar and bass as well. I don’t really care about whether or not selling records. I just wanna stay true to the spirit of the band. If we do sell, I guess we’re just lucky! (lol)


When I had my first tattoo at 18 years old, I knew it was going to become a full body suit. Now the only empty spaces are my upper legs. When we get kids, that space is reserved for their smiling faces.

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Growing up in Ibaraki prefecture, the Holy Land of the Yankee (lol) (yankee refers to a subculture in Japan) and motorcycle gangs, I got drawn into the biking culture. When a Hells Angels member took care of me during a visit to the United States, I decided to start my own biker team in Tokyo, called Jabbits.”

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TxBone’s top 5 locations in Tokyo:

Head shop of Radiall, a Japanese brand based on the old American style

Easy Ink
Tattoo shop in the clubbing district of Shibuya

A steak restaurant in Hatagaya. The owner rides a Harley as well, a wild uncle! (lol)

Back town cafe
A bar in Shibuya, full with good memories

Trump Room
Absolutely no. 1 pond club in Shibuya