Stephan Haurholm (DNK), model, New York


Stephan Haurholm is a fulltime model, who lives in New York.
He was born 23 years ago in Copenhagen, Denmark and has been coming to Tokyo a few months a year to work since 2008.

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“My tattoo is a tribute to my mum’s love for me. She designed it. It shows my full name and star sign.
When I was about fourteen my mother made the invitation for my confirmation in church. This drawing was on there, and I was fascinated by it. I told my mum I wanted it in ink, but I was too young.
When I turned 18, we went to the tattoo shop together.”

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“I travel a lot, but Tokyo is completely different from any other place I know. It’s like another world and that’s what makes it so interesting and fun. Every day here is an adventure. The city amazes me every time. It seems like endless fun here and it’s hard to leave. In Tokyo I found the people to be the most polite people I’ve ever met.


And let’s not forget the food! It is just the best! The taste and high quality is unreachable anywhere else. I even dream about it sometimes, I can’t even eat sushi anywhere else, because it’s just not worth it.”