Leen Creve (BEL), journalist, Antwerp


Leen Creve is a 33 year old Belgian design journalist. She is on holidays in Tokyo.

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“Tokyo is extremely big, but also extremely small: travelling around Japan made me realize the Japanese are masters in thinking in three dimensions, where we Westerners do tend to stop at two dimensions. Tokyo has skyscrapers but also small liveable almost village-like areas such as Hatsudai and Yoyogi. Space is used in a very clever way. Striking are vertical gardens you see everywhere: a row of trees between two buildings, a tower of potted plants and climbing flowers, …  The three-dimensionality  even can be seen in greetings: no handshakes but bowing. I ‘ve had a wonderful time here, thank you Tokyo, I hope to be back some day!”


“My mother’s parents and my father’s parents were farmers. I live in the city now, but my roots are in the countryside and I am very grateful for the beautiful years growing up there with my two sisters and brother.  My family is important to me, but sometimes I take them for granted. This is a reminder.  This is them being around all the time.”

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“I really like old-fashion botanical scientific drawings. They are accurate and functional: they are a scientific tool. But they are also very beautiful. I like images that are a combination of science and art. I like it when fantasy enters the real world, when dreamers have a real impact in the world. On the other hand I think scientific new ideas can inspire good and contemporary art as well. The tattoo artist is Sven Rayen at SinSintattoo in Antwerp Belgium. He is known for his detailed black and white work: portraits, graphic stuff and very detailed drawings.”