Yui Nkns (JPN), fashion stylist, Tokyo

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25 year old fashion stylist Yui Nkns comes from a Buddhist family in Kyoto. He studied theology and travelled with a backpack to Nepal and India. He recently moved to Nakano in Tokyo to work as fashion stylist.

“I wanted this tattoo to break with my past. This is me, this tattoo is supporting me in my life and to stand strong in this society. A lot of Japanese people hate tattoos. This tattoo reminds me to fight for what I want : that is to be a professional fashion stylist. My tattoo helps me not to come up with excuses.

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It is a Celtic Cross and a snake that represents Ouroboros and Samsara, the circle of rebirth. I want to live as a snake. The animal represents destruction and reproduction. It is a big artistic inspiration for me.

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I always hide it, my family has never seen this either. I don’t show it because I don’t want to bother anyone. I want to live my life like this.


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We have a Japanese old quote from the novelist Mushanokouji Saneatsu (1883-1976) which says
人見るもよし 人見ざるもよし 我は咲くなり 
This means: “Whether people notice or not, I bloom as I’m meant to.”
I like that.

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