Saskia Neirinckx (BEL), PR-professional, Antwerp

“The heart represents the love for my son Spike. It is carried by two wings. They represent a much desired freedom, contrasted by the protective wings of a mother. The eagle wings are a recurring theme for me, starting with the Harley Davidson belt I inherited from my best friend, who unfortunately passed away almost 15 years ago.”



“ ‘Wild at heart’, is a reminder to always trust my intuition and to ignore advice that pulls me to the middle of the road. It is there to remember not to feel guilty about not being average.”

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“The most recent ones, ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ on my wrists are for my parents. Parent – child relationships are complex at any age and I probably don’t always show my appreciation the way my parents would like me to. This is a clear statement about how important they are to me. They’ve kindly requested me to stop getting tattoos now. :-)”

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“I have always felt a longing to move to the centre of Antwerp, ever since I was little. I love how it has all the elements of a big city, yet it’s really small and you can easily traverse the whole city on a bicycle in no time at all. There’s a lot of creativity here, lots of new initiatives to discover, in a setting that also has a lot of historical value to offer. Even if it’s a quick run for errands, just being in the streets of Antwerp gives me so much energy.”


Saskia Neirinckx owns her own PR-bureau,