Han Swolfs (BEL), musician, Antwerp


“I designed most of my tattoos myself. I wouldn’t just pick something from a book. I get new tattoos regularly, but usually it is a very spontaneous thing. If someone is available to tattoo me and I feel like it, I do it.”

ANT_HanSwolfs_0001 copy

“People sometimes tell me I have very graphic tattoos, but I don’t really look at it that way. I’m interested in very different subcultures, design- and music styles. Each of my tattoos is a reference of my interest of that time. They don’t have a literal meaning, but are loosely connected to my day-to-day life. I have a keyboard on my hand, because the piano and synthesizer are very important to me.”

ANT_HanSwolfs_0003 copy

“I also have a Tr 808 drumcomputer button on my wrist. This button is used as “fill-in” button. You use this button to play programmed drum variations, but this particular one is set to “manual”. The forms are inspired by native culture because I do consider myself a native.”


Han Swolfs is a musician. He produces and plays as Hantrax. Make sure you check his Facebook page here!