Jotka Bauwens (BEL), dancer, Antwerp

Animals have always fascinated me, so I decided that they deserved a place on my body. My tattoos are like little permanent works of art.
I usually even give them names.


The small bird on my back says ‘I have a dream’. It’s a reminder of a secret dream of mine. A dream I have never ever told anybody else about!

ANT_JotkaBauwens_0004 copy

On my left arm I have a feather. The Dutch word for ‘feather’ is ‘veer’, which refers to my mom who died 10 years ago.
She was an artist, who kept these little pieces of art in boxes filled with feathers. Therefore, the tattoo’s name is Veer.


‘La Loba’ is my wolf tattoo’s name. My grandmother told me about a book written by the Italian Giovanni Verga, where strong women were symbolised by a she-wolf.
I like the idea of always having it by my side. Literally, since it is placed under my ribs. La Loba helps me when I am lacking strength and assertively.

ANT_JotkaBauwens_0008 copy

Behind my ear, I have a deer’s antler, which is a symbol of my wisdom. You can find the rest of the deer on my leg, where it also shares its beauty with me.


Rodi is my fish tattoo, which is a Cardinal Tetra, a simple aquarium fish. For me, it represents us people, all living our own little lifes in this gigantic bowl.
We are all the same, but different.

ANT_JotkaBauwens_0009 copy

Last, but certainly not least, is my cat. Her name is Jotkat. She is adventurous and peaceful, just like my favourite animal in the world.
I never really liked cat tattoos until I saw this one drawed by Sven Rayen. I fell in love with it immediately.