Ticuta Racovita-Cordemans (BEL), artistic coordinator & designer, Antwerp

“I studied Fashion Design at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The city became my home and workplace after that.
It is the perfect place for my job: it breathes creativity and there are plenty of artistic projects going on.
You have an active, busy city on one side, and a cosy, calmer aspect of it on the other.
What I love the most about it are the friends I made over the years, and the fact that I am still meeting interesting new people every day.


‘Say yeah if you feel love’. That’s what my first tattoo says. The small turquoise square is the most recent one.
Turquoise has been my favourite colour since I was a kid and still is. I believe a good tattoo should perfectly fit the person wearing it.
In that case, they will never get tired of it, no matter what the ‘trend’ might be.
On the other hand, the truth is: A tattoo can be seen as a permanent accessory.
You can never take it off, and it might – obviously – influence the impression you leave on people.

ANT_TicutaRacovita-Cordemans_0002 copy

Complete strangers might walk up to me and start talking about my tattoos. I even made friends this way.

Overall, people’s comments on my tattoos are positive, except for some elderly ladies who said they are ‘not very ladylike’.”


Ticuta Racovita-Cordemans is founder and coordinator of Mr. Make-Do, platform voor het immatriële. (www.mrmakedo.com)