Kouichi Nakazawa (JPN), photographer, Tokyo

“I started having tattoos about 6 years ago, after moving to NY. Cupido was my first one and it refers to Cupido productions, the film company. I really like ‘Vanishing point’, the movie, made by that same Cupido productions. Now every year on my b-day I have new tattoo.

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Infinity is for a deceased friend. He was the husband of a good friend and he thought me a lot! He was my English teacher and very good friend in NY, we always hang out together. He was really into hiphop and introduced me to the best raps he could find. We were about the same age as well. When I came back to Japan, he brought me to the airport. We agreed to meet up very soon again. A few weeks later he suddenly passed away.

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When I was 23, I was working in a second hand car factory, repairing cars. Every month a photographer of a car magazine would come in and take shots of all the cars to be sold. He had a friend living at the Gold Coast, who was looking for a bridal photographer. Without knowing anything about it, I was like, why not. I went there for a year, got out of visa and came back here. 

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Then I got my wake-up call. I was becoming 25, had no diploma, no job, learned a bit about photography while working in Australia, but there was not a lot of creativity involved. First I started working in a studio for 1 year, quit that job and became a freelance assistant! I learned a lot from that, met a lot of photographers, compared styles, worked with all types of cameras, film, lights…


Little by little I worked myself up and now I’m a freelance photographer, shooting mainly fashion, portrait and I also have my own free paper Gotham Timez, filled with my party snaps from all over the world.”

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