Kissey Asplund (SWE), music producer/recording artist, New York

“I was born and raised in Sweden, but I was traveling the world with my music when I met a man. He was living in NY and refused to leave, so I only had one option! It didn’t work out with that man by the way, but he was my invitation to the city which I love living in now!

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I was hiding my tattoos for 6 years for my parents, until my sister had a spine tattoo and showed them. Then made it really easy for me as well, lol. Finally my mom understood why I kept refusing all the massages she was offering me (my mom is a massage therapist). The one on my spine is for my dad, he’s christian. It’s an Aramaic scripture and stands for hope, faith and love.

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Being on a trip here in Tokyo is amazing. I came because I did a soundtrack for an exhibition of Sputniko, which opened the other day. As a musician ( obviously I like listening. Tokyo sounds completely different than any other city i’ve been before. The way people walk, talk, the cars… everything! It sounds like a different frequency, so interesting! There’s so much going on, but so quiet at the same time. I love it, it all makes sense in my ears.

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I also love the details here. Everything is so handcrafted. Even though Japan is so far ahead with all the modern technologies, the country is really proud and stuck with it’s history. In Sweden we don’t archive our history, we just wanna go for the new stuff. In Japan they seems to tie all the history together, preserve it really well and combine it with the new.

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My dream: sonic world domination!”

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