Musashi Yamamoto (JPN), accessory designer, Tokyo

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“Rock ‘n roll is kind of a lifestyle for me, since my puberty. I started playing in bands, got interested in bikes, hanging out with friends, drinking…

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I even once got invited to NY as part of a project of contemporary dance. We combined the dance with a traditional setup of a rock band: guitar, drum and bass. The mix of the members made it interesting though. It was a jazz drummer, me as rock guitar player and a bass player who could do basically anything. He took us along, he was in charge. This mix of different nationalities, different cultural and musical backgrounds made it really cool! We just improvised with 3 chords, but there was some magic in the air. And back then it was something new!

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Nowadays bands as Sigur Ros are doing similar things, but back then people were quite surprised.

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Nowadays, music is still a big hobby and my way of communicating, but professionally I’m more focused on accessory design. I’m still in the learning process of several techniques, but I really love the handwork.

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I want to make a living of being creative. My own brand will be released later this year.”