Adri / DJ Charlie Fraîche (BE), sound engineer, dj and future chef, Hasselt

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“Whenever I’m not at work as a sound engineer or spinning records as a DJ, I like to spend some time in my kitchen. It started out as a diversion but apparently people like my cooking, which gave me the opportunity to make a career switch. In October I‘m swapping my sound equipment for pots and pans in the future place to be of my hometown Hasselt: de Sladerij. Healthiness and cosiness galore! Although I’m looking forward for this opportunity, I’m going to miss the fun times I had as a sound engineer.”


“I remember this one specific time when I had to wire a female celebrity – who shall not be named – whose dress didn’t have a belt or anything to attach the microphone to. I asked her if I could secure the mic on her bra, but guess what: she wasn’t wearing one. Only option left were the panties, but I guess she had bigger plans afterwards, because those were missing too.”

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