Bart Schraepen (BE), administrative clerk, Diepenbeek


“The first session of my ever growing tattoo resulted in the part you see on the right side of my chest. It was inspired on a picture of my little girl Kaat and my cat’s paw, which was me and my wife’s first baby. Tattoo artist Eva Mpatshi from the Beautiful Freak tattoo shop started adding parts to the tattoo referring to the events happening in my life. For example, I received the unfortunate news of my grandmother Roza’s death one hour before an appointment with Eva, so we changed plans and she tattooed the rose on the back of my neck during that session, as a remembrance.”

TII_HASSELT_BartSchraepen_001 copy

“I always wanted a part of my tattoo dedicated to the year 1983: my date of birth. Elements include Super Mario, an Ewok, a Storm Trooper doing Michael Jackson’s moonwalk and the first flight of the Challenger. All of them saw the light of day in the same year as I did. The car you see is the Thrust 2, which set the world record for fastest ride in 1983. The numbers around the design form the speed of light in meters per second, which was set in 1983 as well.”


“The latest addition was an idea of my daughter. ‘You should ask Eva to tattoo an owl,’ she said. And so I did.”