Pink (BE), tattoo artist, Hasselt


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“Renovation can be scary to some. In every art form you have older generations looking down on what the next one is doing. That isn’t different in tattooing, I can tell you. Conservative artists tend to break down new things; they might even say the new generation is destroying their art. Instead of allying with angry old folks, I just keep developing myself. Reinventing even, staying ahead of the game. And of course your work will be copied, look at the times we’re living in! You don’t want people copying your work? Well, don’t post it online, maybe? But, good luck with getting some name recognition!”

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“Don’t see it as a bad thing; see it as a way to promote creativity. New original ideas are exploited quickly, which means they lose relevance quickly. Therefore, there’s always room for innovation. Be the guy who brings something new to the game, rather than the one who’s always complaining about other artists.



“I’ve gained some name recognition in the past, doing my own thing, so I have the freedom to only do tattoos I want to do. For example, I don’t do any colour tattoos, no Japanese, no old skool, … I can do whatever I want! A luxury position, some might say.”

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