Jason Asare (GHA), photographer/bartender, Antwerp


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“I bought my first camera while I was traveling through Australia. At first I just wanted to have some photos to remember my trip by, but I started to feel connected with the camera. I discovered I could share the way I saw things and the way they made me feel by taking pictures, instead of just documenting the trip. Whether if it’s a landscape or a portrait, I always enjoy showing emotion in my pictures.”


“Two of my best friends are professional photographers and taught me a lot on the subject, but I try not to be too influenced by others. I believe that is the only way of doing what you love most without it getting affected by external factors, although it depends on the factors. For example, I bumped into a beautiful tattooed girl a few days ago and realised I never had the chance to photograph a tattooed person before. She triggered something in me, so I asked if she wanted to be the first. She accepted the offer with a smile, as I did her answer. I’m always up for a challenge and sure looking forward to this one!”

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