Romina Viola (BE), marketing consultant, Atlanta


“I met my husband in LA through mutual friends. He’s a Captain for the US Army, so his job kind of determines where we live. In 2009, after we got married in Belgium and lived there for a while, we moved back to LA. After that came Miami, Washington and Atlanta. I still visit Belgium at least once a year, since I still have family there, so I’m well aware of the cultural differences.”

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“When I get on the plane to Belgium and its packed with Americans, nobody stares at me. They probably won’t even notice I’m tattooed, but once you hit ground in Brussels, you sense a complete different vibe. They say tattoos are accepted in Belgium as well, and I agree, but some people still act as if they’ve never seen them before. It’s funny, we all teach our kids not to stare at people who look different, but adults forget that little detail sometimes. To the point that I’m uncomfortable while shopping in the local supermarket of my Belgian hometown, whereas in America, old ladies compliment me on how beautiful my tattoos are when I’m waiting in line.”


“LA is my favourite place is the world, there is nothing quite like it. I love the vibe, the mix of ethnicities and characters, … People seem to accept each other more for who they are. I’m glad I got to raise Oliver, my 5-year-old son, in this environment. He accepts all of his friends, no matter what colour, religion or how they look.”

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