Lien Moris (BE), singer, Bilzen


“This judgmental woman once asked me: ‘what does your tattoo mean?” I told her it symbolised my boyfriend. “And what happens if you guys break up?” she replied. “We won’t, he’s dead.” Shut her up immediately.”


TII_HASSELT_LienMoris_004 copy

“The abstract drawing I turned into a tattoo was a doodle he made on the bedroom door of one of our friends. It was only after the accident that I found out it was his drawing. Many of his friends and family got quotes tattooed, but I wanted this. Different things can be seen in it, like a tunnel or road. I like to believe it leads to him. Doesn’t really matter what others see in it, that’s what it means to me. What happened marked me, changed me even, so I like the idea of having a tattoo to remember him with.”