Daan Linsen (BE), curator/graphic designer, Hasselt


“Me and my girlfriend Debora started our own graphic design studio in 2007. Two years later, we opened our own art gallery in the centre of Hasselt: Alley. The focus is always on graphic design, illustration, typography and street art by young and established talent. A while ago, we did an exposition for Pink Tattoo, a tattoo artist who owns a shop in the same street as where Alley is located. He told me he’d tattoo me if I’d take care of the sales during the expo. So, I got my first – and so far only – tattoo out of a trade.”

TII_HASSELT_DaanLinsen_003 copy

“My tattoo says ‘tattoo’ in Dutch. As you can imagine, it triggers different reactions. Whenever I go to a festival, I end up posing for photos with people I’ve never seen before, because they ‘want a picture of it!’ There are also those who don’t believe it’s real, dip their fingers into their mouths and try to rub it off with saliva. Not only is it disgusting, it’s also pretty stupid. As if I would draw it on every morning?”


“Right now, Alley is hosting a new exposition for Rutger Termohlen, a street artist who started tattooing as well. I already found my next tattoo among his illustrations!”