Lucinda Reemi Turandot (BE), visual merchandiser/stylist, Hasselt


“Astrology always fascinated me and a while ago I stumbled upon some information on Mayan horoscopes. I found out mine was Black Night, which – among other characteristics that fit me perfectly – means I’m a dreamer, someone who someone who cherishes life and enjoys every moment of it. When I got my dog, whose fur is pitch black, I named her ‘Nacht’, which means ‘night’ in Dutch.”


TII_HASSELT_LucindaSwitten_004 copy

“Nacht is my best friend; she’s always tagging along everywhere I go. You rarely see me without her. I love travelling and expanding my horizon, but there’s nothing like owning a dog. I can’t imagine my life without her. I would like to get a tattoo as a tribute to Nacht. I’d get an image of the Egyptian god Anubis. You know, the one with the dog’s head? Won’t be happening any time soon, though. Tattoos cost money and right now, I got bills to pay.”