Ellen Baars (BE), marketing, Leopoldsburg


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“I’m used to covering up my tattoos. I work in marketing myself, so I have to. I don’t have a problem with that, I understand for some people, tattoos do make a difference. To be honest if I needed open heart surgery and had a tattooed doctor perform it, I wouldn’t lose my trust in him.”


“My mom’s tattooed herself, so she doesn’t mind, but my dad isn’t much of a fan of my body art. I kind of wish it was different, because my father knows how I am and how much I love getting tattooed, but on the other hand I can’t blame him for not liking something. I’ll just keep myself as covered up as possible when I’m near him.”



“Talking about covering up tattoos, I’ve had to cover up two of them myself. With new tattoos! I’m incredibly impulsive when it comes to getting tattooed and I didn’t like what they said anymore. For example, the one in my neck used to say ‘Believe’. Now it’s covered with a big black wolf. Guess I’m not a believer anymore…”