Raquel Rotella Solis (SP) & Cinzia Di Marco (IT), restaurant owners, Hasselt

Raquel: “We met 16 years ago in a restaurant called Pocomatto in our hometown Hasselt. We have been married for ten years and have been the owners of that restaurant for a while now…”

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Cinzia: “…but we’re still complete opposites. In pretty much everything we do. Even the reasons we get tattooed are completely different. Raquel needs her tattoos to say something, or to mean something, while I just like tattoos and don’t believe every single one of them should have a deeper meaning.”



Raquel: “True. For example, among my tattoos I’ve got the Spanish flag, my favourite football player in the world, Luis Enrique and of course: C&R, our initials. When I asked my tattoo artist for the initials he checked if I was completely sure about it. I told him if Cinzia and me were to break up, my dog’s name also began with the letter C, so it wouldn’t be a problem!”

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Cinzia: “I do have the tattoo on my back, which was out of love, so not all of my tattoos are meaningless. Raquel’s nickname is ‘Pelucka’. So I got a woman tattooed, inspired on the image of Lady Luck. My very own Lady Pelucka!”

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