Jeroen Bruynseels (BE), transporter, Bonheiden

“I woke up in Peru with a huge headache and discovered I got a small tattoo on my chest the night before. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know where I got it. ”

TII_HASSELT_JeroenBruynseels_001 copy

“My other tattoo is a little bigger and has a little more meaning. I stumbled upon tattoo artist Eva Mpatshi’s work when a friend showed me some tattoos he liked on the Internet. I was amazed by her use of colours and knew I wanted to get a tattoo from her. I looked her up and gave her complete freedom.


“Little by little, the tattoo is covering bigger parts of my body after every session, and every addition to it keeps amazing me. At first I had some stress when getting tattooed, not knowing what to expect, but I trust Eva for 100% now. I like how she finds ways to blend in my interests when she’s making designs. My sleeve, for example, has the covers of some of my favourite bands’ albums in it, including Veil of Maya and Queens of the Stone Age.”

TII_HASSELT_JeroenBruynseels_006 copy