Tiny Devriendt (BE), dharma surfer, Hasselt

“Around the age of 21 I had some sort of vision, an image of what my body should look like, and in this image I was covered in tattoos. It wasn’t just a figment of my imagination; it came from a deeper place. I shared this vision with tattoo artist Pink and we started working on it. Fourteen years have passed and besides gaining Pink as a friend, I can proudly say my upper body is as good as finished. Next month we start working on my legs. I must say I’m as eager as I was when I got tattooed for the first time!



My tattoos reflect the different phases of my life. I love how they contribute to my feeling of authenticity. I’ve put a lot a thought in most of them, others are impulsive decisions made in the heat of the moment. But all of them are the result of the mutual respect and understanding between me and Pink, hence this awesome friendship that sprouted from it. I can’t wait to start that tattooing-ritual again and have some more quality-time with my friend. We are a tribe!”