Kurt Bosmans (BE), longshoreman / founder of Street Art Festival, Hasselt


“I first got interested in graffiti and stencils in the ‘80s. That was before graffiti became popular after Banksy and the whole British scene boomed in the early ‘90s. After being active in the underground scene for a while, I founded Street Art Festival six years ago.


Before that, events were limited and almost impossible to organise. Nowadays we get cities asking us to do huge pieces on building walls, train tracks, everything. We’re organising events all year long and we’re seeing more and more interest for urban art.”

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“I see a lot of street artists become tattoo artists lately. An obvious transition, I believe. A street artist who becomes a tattoo artist gains a way to show his work to the masses, while keeping his creativity. And he can live of it, which isn’t evident as a street artist.”